Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Murder Mystery Dinner...Boboli's Restaurant

A play titled Pizza, Passion and Pasta in a Restorante set in Milan. Cast of 5 strong budding acting aficionados.

It was surreal fun from the beginning, being welcomed by one of the actors, Mr Napolitano ( Restorant owner) into the scene along with the others. The caper evolved some what haphazardly, and the first death of the night was the chef, Senor Garibaldi ( like the biscuit). A mysterious figure who dies to make this play :)

It was a whodunit...was it a crime of passion or was it a murder motivated by money? The characters engaged with the diners through each scene to allow Q&A to solve the mystery of 2 deaths.

All in all, I enjoyed the experience, the food at Boboli's was not impressive, but the atmosphere made up for it. I had a starter platter of Italian meats, followed by a main of Beetroot Risotto ( it was a mash of pink goo, needed some heavy dosing of pepper) and the dessert was Tiramisu. The coffee I had appeased me after a disappointing 3 course.

It was the first day of the debut of the play, I like ventures like this and I am sure day 2 will be better as the cast set about in their stride.

Good night you all...


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