Sunday, 15 April 2012

Easy Sunny April Sunday-Bourjois Light Concentrate in 03

Turn for the better for an April Sunday..
The Sun is out and I want to have a wander in the park before settling back at my work desk.

I had quick look at what I wanted to get on my face today, I wanted to play with my new toy, Bourjois Light Concentre in Light no 03. I have managed to obtain all 3 as they just look so pretty.

Firstly, the texture is creamy despite being a powder, melds  into the skin dry, and can be worked on wet. Just perfect and I love the fragrance of the little round pots.

I hope the photo catches the angles of  highlights here. Light application in the inner and outer corners of the eyes, brow bone, lightly on the bridge of the nose and on the cupids bow.

Light touch of Mascara and Ilia Beauty Funnel of Love lipstick. On the cheeks, I wanted something to reflect my Burgundy Knitted wool Cardigan and Hat, I settled for the Sleek makeup Blush by 3 Pink Sprint ( the centre Matt fuchsia).

I find swatches helpful, but I hope looking what the product looks like on skin is better.

My biased knit cardigan and hat was bespoke knitted with Murano Wool by Knit One in Leicester. I wish I took up knitting, some of my favourite outfits have an element of knitwear in it. Anyway, it took almost 4 weeks to complete my Cardigan which comes with its own knitted scarf knitted into it.

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