Sunday, 8 July 2012

Ellis Faas Revamped Online Flagship Store Launch

Ellis Faas never disappoints when it comes to product presentations.

Welcome to
Entre vous?

Already, the site has been reported to be nominated for an Awwwards!!!

Of course- creative presentations should always be acknowledged. I do like a bit of Ellis Faas- the lip products- creamy, milky or glossy- the color, textures, finish is fantastic but the delivery mechanism has left a bad taste in my mouth.

Again- the pens look pretty, sexy and edgy but functional it is not. I own a lot of eye shadow pens and blush pens from Ellis Faas, and that is hundreds of pounds down the drain because the mechanism of delivery is rubbish! The product inside if you can get to it is brilliant.

For the amount of money we are paying, surely- the pens should be more than a 1 -click-wonder! I am happy that the brand is growing well and creativity is obviously the name of their game.

But please- do something about the rubbish delivery pens. It is a shame such a great brand is let down by cheap metallic rubbish delivery mechanisms which does not work, and survive being riveted through the wall out of frustration without releasing one drop of eye shadow.

The pens are a disappointment so far when it comes to the eye shadows and blush, the lips appear to suit the pen style mechanism bar the creamy lips (comes out of the shower head apparatus- clogs all the time- not helpful when in a rush).

I would not bother with buying Ellis Faas until they sort the pens out once and for all!! Happy to admire from a far and watch women with £££ to throw enjoy one of uses of their pens.

MS xoxo

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